Antonio Pisani.

Antonio Pisani grow up in Italy in a family of photographers and educators, he has been immersed in a creative environment since the beginning, which has triggered his photographic talent. His journey through photography has led him to working in the imagining industry for more than thirteen years.

Antonio’s pursuit of creative perfection has taken him around the world to places such as Iceland, Hawaii, USA, Morocco, Belgium, Greece, Hungary and many more.

Lead by his passion for photography Antonio is currently based in London, and always ready to take on new assignments, projects or travel with a fresh prospective and new creative subject.

What Photography and videography does he shoot?







Latest Publications – Assignments – Events

Assignment: On in London, Online Magazine, London, UK.

Seminar @ The Pentax 100th Anniversary
Travel Photography and Black & White techniques @ SRS Microsystems, Watford, UK.

Remarkable assignments

Boutique Hotel Blakes, South Kensington, London, UK.

iOT Conference, London, UK.

High Profile private Clients, Gala Events, Chelsea, London, UK.

DOP – Short movie.

Advertisement video: Murder in Wimpole street.

Teaching photography and videography

To private Clients.